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Jedi: Fallen Order

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Finished this game last night. Overall, i'd give it a solid 70%. It really felt like an SW game of old. If you were of an age to have marvelled at Dark Forces, you'll appreciate the feel of a SW game (i suspect the music score has as much to do with that as anything). 

I will confess that half way through i found the many boss fights to be too difficult on Jedi Master level, and decided to complete the rest on the next notch down (the bottom notch). Which was still difficult enough to be challenging and but not so difficult that it was no fun.

It's not a long game. There are 5 main locations that you go back and forth to as the story unfolds. But the locations are rather large. As mentioned before, it plays out VERY much like the last 3 Tomb Raider games, and was built using the same, or similar, engine (Unreal). It is a superb engine, that made me gasp from the first few scenes.

The characters are good. Your two main crewmates, are mostly dressing, but good dressing in that they contribute to the story, but not the action. The voicing is all brilliant - notably here is the captain, voice superbly by Daniel Roebuck (didn't know who he was).

I have developed a soft spot for the sexy-voiced Mirren, a Russian-sounding witch, who appears later in the game. I would love to see more of her (no, not in that way).

There's a lot to not be so proud of here. The game feels disjointed and too heavily scripted. As with TR, you are dumped in large spaces, but still on rails within that large space. Fighting mechanics can be a bit button-mashy at times. And there are a few bugs that don't destroy the game. I quit after several hours play due to losing too much progress between no-choice save points. But having restarted, found out that you can skip some of the bits a 2nd time round.

Once it drop below £20, it's worth a punt. Graphically played great on a 1080 with a 4-series i7 and 16Gb.

I'll leave you with a pic of Merrin.



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