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Many of you know that I'm a fan of GoG's DRM-Free stance.  I picked up Rimworld a couple weeks ago during a sale ... or when it was released on GoG (because it has been out for a couple years now) ... I don't remember which, although it's a safe bet there was a sale ongoing because there always seems to be a sale ongoing over at GoG.  But I digress ...

So I picked up Rimworld a couple weeks ago (also available on Steam).  And then let it sit in my library because I'm in the middle of a move (half my stuff is in boxes, and the other half still needs to get put in boxes).  And then the Coronavirus COVID19 pandemic lockdowns hit and here I am ... sitting and waiting for the opportunity to complete the move while I tele-work.  And again, I digress ...

One of the nice things to appreciate about Rimworld is that the download is satisfyingly small, especially in this day and age of over-bloated downloads ranging in the tens to hundreds of GBs.  That's important to me with my poor download speeds.  The download for Rimworld is a mere 151 MB, and while the graphics are simple, the gameplay is not.  This is a game for those of us who claim graphics are not more important than the gameplay.  But that said, the graphics aren't terrible ... they are in an artistic style used on other "modern" independent releases.  While I don't own these titles, the art reminds me of games such as Prison Architect, or the Escapists, or even the old Nintendo Wii people.

At the heart of it, the game is a management sim.  And a survival sim.  In a sci-fi setting.  While you, as the benevolent omnipresent non-corporeal leader, can take direct control of your colonists, they will resent it ... so it is best to let them do their thing while you manage their workflow.  Your colonists are not perfect - far from it.  They come with benefits and flaws (just like we all do), and possibly even preexisting medical conditions.  They may be directly related to other colonists (e.g., spouse, parent-child, etc.), or they may - or may not - like the other colonists.  The personalities are random and quite diverse.

Which brings up another point ... each game is different from the last because each world is randomly generated.  That said, you have some minor control over your starting conditions.  You can provide a seed word, fiddle with sliders that lead to how the planet ecosystems are distributed (e.g., temperature, rainfall, etc.), and you get to choose your starting location on the generated world (but not the content or layout of the location).  You also get to choose which three out of eight potential colonists to take down to the planet surface (the other five presumably die in the subsequent horrific spaceship tragedy of indeterminate cause or form).  But even then, you're not locked into choosing from only those eight potential colonists; you can re-roll each and every colonist until your mouse key finally gives out if you like ... each roll presents a new randomly generated character that you may choose to bring or leave.  So yeah, you could waste hours upon hours just trying for a balanced group of colonists ... or you could suck it up and try to survive with the hand you're dealt.  It is up to you to manage your assets AND your liabilities.

Oh ... yeah, there are difficulty levels from which to choose, and you get to select which AI "narrator" to help your story unfold because it chooses which adverse events (and when) your colonists will encounter as they try to survive.  Do you want totally random events, or would you rather a linear (or even curve-linear) series of progression to ramp up difficulty while you build your colony?

While playing this game, your success will be directly dependent upon your previous experience playing this game.  This game is filled with "wtf ... I didn't know I could do that" moments.  Your first few colonies will not survive.  I dare say, none of your colonies will survive.  That's the way it goes, because the difficulties will overcome your ability to handle them.  But with experience, you will survive longer ... and longer ... until you don't.  Luck may be against you, like the time my only colonist who could construct things was laid low and kept bed-ridden by a mad rat (we eventually killed it, but not without cost) ... because the only other colonist with medical experience didn't have enough "plant" experience to harvest nearby healing herbs ... and then nearby raiders swept in ... well, you get the point.  So next game, I selected a different set of colonists, but with an eye toward having essential start up skills well distributed among the survivors.

That isn't to say that the game is non-intuitive or obtuse.  It isn't.  You even have your non-intrusive AI narrator who will suggest or recommend courses of action.  "Hey, you might think about putting up some defenses in case pirates decide to attack."  Ignore that advice at your peril.  Because, just remember who decides when pirates will attack.  It will even suggest helpful things like, "consider building a cold storage area so food items don't perish as quickly."  Well that's helpful.  Now I need to build a storage area, manage the list of things allowed in that area, seal it off to the environment, add a cooling unit (ensure said unit's cold side is pointed into the room and the hot side is pointed out of the room), build some means of generating electricity to power the cooling unit, turn the temperature down low enough in the storage area to keep the food frozen so it doesn't perish, build a kitchen with a stove to cook meals from the frozen food items ... and so forth.  You can play as a hunter-gatherer society, or you can play as an agriculture society ... one is more prone to survive over the other - you get to figure out which ... but which set of skills did your colonists bring?  :)

At this point, I probably have a mere 10-20 hours playing ... on my third or fourth colony ... but I'm starting to see success (hopefully not leading to a false sense of confidence).  Yes, there is a tutorial to get started if that is a way you like to go.  Or you can chuck the manual aside (hint: there is no manual) and dive right in.  Remember ... it isn't about whether your colony will survive, but for how long it will survive.  You can save-scum to prolong the agony; it's an option.  The game has generally favorable reviews, and many reviewers claim hundreds if not thousands of hours playing.  The game is highly re-playable due to the randomly generated world and events (both as threats and non-threats).  And there is a mod workshop available on Steam to let game mods extend (and customize) your play even further.  For those of you who will ask if this is a multiplayer game or if multiplayer is available ... no, it is not ... it is single-player only at this time (I don't know if there are any plans in the works to make it multiplayer - maybe there's a mod for that, I don't know).

So with that, I'll leave the following trailer ...

And my thoughts on it in 80's music video format ... go, go mullets!




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3 hours ago, Pasanda said:

Damn. I thought this was going to be a porn game.

Yeah ... It's an odd title with no context provided as to why it is called that.

The randomness sometimes boggles the mind how it works.  Take for example this situation and dialog:

Randal and Collete are two surviving colonists.  As they go about their assigned work, their paths occasionally pass.  When that happens, they will have a brief exchange in conversation.

"Randal tells Collete about some canned goods he saw the other day."

"Collete informs Randall about different kinds of pets."

"Randal mentions to Collete the benefits of spanking."

"Collete agrees and decides they should be a couple."

... LOL wut?

Narrator:  Two of your colonists have decided to be a couple.  You should provide them with a double bed.

... wut, wut? 

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Yeah I could never get myself to buy this game because of the title. Yeah I am that sad.

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