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Discard/Sire of Insanity

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Another one I've been tweaking now for a while.  It needs work and I need help finishing it.  The goal is to make my opponent discard and pay for it, or drop Sire of Insanity and Havoc Festival.  As I'm typing out the decklist I wonder WTF I'm thinking sometimes when I put these decks together. :wacko:



Sangromancer x3

Sire of Insanity x3

Guul Draz Specter x2

Liliana's Specter x2

Cunning Lethermancer x2



Shrieking Affliction x4

Liliana's Caress x4

Megrim x3

Gibbering Descent x1

Necrogen Mists x1

Soul Stair Expedition x1

Quest of the Nihil Stone x1

Lethal Vapors x1

Havoc Festival x1


Soceries and Instants:

Dreadbore x3

Morbid Plunder x2

Strongarm Tactics x1

Raven's Crime x1

Extripate x1

Blightening x1



The Rack x4

Whispersilk Cloak x1



Liliana Vess x1



Dragonskull Summit x2

Skoum Refuge x1

Swamp x14

Mountain x3


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If you are discarding your hand, I'd suggest some flashback cards. There was an old Standard deck that took advantage of the sire with cards like Lingering Souls.

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This deck is in my possibly tear apart box, looking for suggestions.  I think at the core there is something to work with but needs help.  Suggestions welcome!

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