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17 hours ago, dommes89 said:

So interested in this! Searched for such a community since a while!
Hope this is still a thing...

Days definitely UNavailable:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Standard, Modern, EDH

Have you played via skype or hangouts before?

Would be fun to get multiplayer EDH games going.

Hell, maybe its a way for @MTGZuby to play his Frontier decks

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On 11/15/2017 at 5:39 PM, MTG Master Wizard said:

Is this still active i would love to play some modern or edh via skype or hangouts got lots of decks to play test my skype is MtgMasterWizard

We weren't able to get it off the ground, but I'm still interested in doing it.  I think a weekly event or even bi-weekly may be ambitious just because of everyones schedules but I'd even be up for a monthly event.

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