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Way back during the Darksteel days when I started playing, I had a deck idea using Mycosynth Lattice and Emissary of Despair/Hope.  Turn everything into Artifacts, swing in with either or both of them and hopefully either gain a ton of life, or make them lose a ton.


Eventually it evolved into a deck using Sanguine Bond and later Exquisite Blood.  Through the years it did OK, but it was time to retire it and frankly I just got bored using it over and over.  Same thing with my Extort deck, seemed to get tired pretty quick.  

Going through my box of unorganized cards, I found this:



First thing that came to mind: Vampire Hexmage.  If I could use my Extort deck and Mycosynth Lattice Emissary decks, smash them together maybe I could get a faster win.  Get higher life than everyone else, play Celestial Convergence and if Hexmage is on the battlefield, sacrifice it to removed the Omen Counters.  

Play tested yesterday, ended up winning.  I had to order two more Celestial Convergence cause I only had 2 in my box, but here is what I have so far.  Suggestions welcome:



Vampire Hexmage x3

Emissary of Despair x3

Emissary of Hope x3

Basilica Screecher x2

Crypt Ghast x2

Felindar Sovereign x2

Treasury Thrull x1

Thrull Parasite x1



Blood Tithe x2

Solemn Offering x2

Debt to the Deathless x1

Bond of Agony x1

Diabolic Tutor x1



Celestial Mantle x3

Celestial Convergence x2

Journey to Nowhere x2

Sunspring Expedition x1

Blind Obedience x1



Mycosynth Lattice x2



Ajani Goldmane x1



Swamps x11

Plains x10

Kabira Crossroads x3


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Well, it happens :P At least you have so much life-gain that you will be hard to kill. You will also be a huge target, FWIW. 

I do remember I had to forfeit a multiplayer game I 'won' because I had cast Nicol Bolas the Planeswalker with 7 mana, and didn't have the 8th for some time. It was unintentional and not caught until far too late. D'oh!



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Taking out the Mycosynth Lattice and the Emissaries and instead replacing with cheaper Extort cards.   Having both played OK in testing but just never felt cohesive. 

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