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Thanks to @Aurian for agreeing to be this months Spotlight!

Question: What has been going on with you and your life?  

Answer:  I am a female (OMG female mtg player) in my mid thirties, married to @JesGolbez and we just moved to a new place this year, in part because we wanted a dog (our old place allowed no pets whatsoever). Thus, we also just adopted a lab/whippet puppy. On the work side of things, have been working with the same Bank for 13 years, mostly "behind the scenes" admin and management roles, where my deafness doesn't matter as much (email is my best friend). It's funny, I never thought about that as a job path, but they were the only place that didn't discriminate against me and now I am one of their top producing employees ☺️ So life is settled for now and we're enjoying it. 


Q: Have you experienced a fair share of discrimination?  How do you overcome it? 

A:  A fair share of discrimination? A TON growing up for being deaf. That is one reason I am so pleasantly surprised being out and about with the Magic crowd. I'll be the only deaf person in the room. I'm usually the only girl too at many events I go to. But everyone has treated me with respect and helped where they could (usually just making sure I can lip read them). 


Q: How did you start playing MTG?

A:  I love fantasy and mythology and when we first started going out, Jes_Golbez saw these Magic packs for sale, and thought I might like this game he used to play as a kid. We bought some packs of Tenth edition and he taught me how to play. Soon we were building decks and even went into playing FNM. During Lorwyn/Shadowmoor I was piloting Fairies or a 5 colour elemental deck. We eventually started accumulating friends who were into Magic and eventually switched to casual gaming. We found Standard got a bit stale after awhile, FNM was all net decks, and we seemed to spend a lot if time just waiting around for the next match. Nowadays the competitive Magic scene for us is mostly pre-release and release events. 


Q: Did you turn any friends you had before you started playing MTG into fellow addicts or meet people who were already playing?

A:  No, we didn't get any permanent converts (although Jes_Golbez's younger cousin thought it was cool to play with for awhile). Mostly by having regular casual "Game Days" we encourage locals who might not otherwise play as much to join in and get excited about Magic. Or get the Modern die hards to relax a bit in a casual environment for fun :) 


Q Which format is your current favorite?

A: Casual is my favourite format because it lets me have fun with deck building. I have about 50+'decks; now the challenge is making fun decks that feel and play differently from my other decks! Casual multiplayer is also really fun because even modern legal decks end up on a more even playing field as other casual decks due to the interactions and chaos of many decks and cards in play. 


Q: How competitive is your playgroup?  Any table flipping moments?

A: The playgroup is varied - we have someone who was a tester back when Magic was new, to shiny new players. We have people who bring their current top-tier modern decks to the games to people who happily put together what they crack into casual decks. Myself I build what I consider to be tough but fair decks - I pick a theme and build as best as I possibly can in the theme. I love instants and ways to be unpredictable. I am known as Sneaky Sarah. Table flipping moments? Not so much, although the play groups do tend to try make decks that are fun for all. We don't have too many people who like lock down decks. 


Q: Being married to another avid MTG player, has it changed your perspective on the game and gaming in general?

A: I never knew about Magic before Jes_Golbez came along so I didn't have my opinion on Magic changed, but Magic does have to be the first time I have really enjoyed gaming with strangers. I do enjoy video games but early online experiences soured me against playing there and for the most part I played alone. Magic is social gaming, and the people I have played with over the years have been overall friendly and welcoming (to both a girl and a deaf person). 


Q: How do you and Jes manage your collection?  Do you each have your own or is it together?

A:  Jes and I have different play styles and deck construction styles so we maintain separate collections of decks. We then each have a binder of cards we want to use in the future, although we'll trade those cards back and forth if one of us is building a deck that really needs the other's card. The rest of the collection is shared and sorted by set, colour, type. Jes_Golbez buys the Magic boxes for us to play with and I buy the video games for us to play with ;). When new sets get spoiled, we might call dibs on this or that card. We seem to like different cards and tribes so we don't seem to have a huge amount of overlap. Otherwise we negotiate! 


Q: Which card in your collection is your favorite or most cherished?  Is it due to value or nostalgia or something else?

A:  it's hard to narrow it down to one! People laugh because my most used card seems to be Sakura-Tribe Elder (I love the FNM Art; that one does not look like a turtle!); my five colour elemental deck is nostalgic because it's the evolution of my old FNM standard deck that I still enjoy playing (Fairies wasn't fun to play anymore so that got ripped apart), and one of my favorite cards has to be reveillark - beautiful art, love the tribe and very useful!


Q: Which set is your favorite in terms of art and flavor?

A:  I loved the Lorwyn block because it was my first Magic set and it introduced the Elementals and evoke which I really liked. It had an interesting story and concept as well, and it was cool to have a less human-centric plane. Also up there for flavour has to be Theros - I loved Greek mythology as a kid and seeing the MTG spin on old favourites like Chimera, Cerebus and the gods was fun (although Heliod is a big a$$hole).


Q: Do you have any pets?  

A: We have a lab/whippet mix of 1 year that we adopted 2 months ago. His name is Diego (sorry folks, we just couldn't find a MTG name that fit him that we liked... No Jaces here). He is sweet, can be naughty sometimes, but fortunately doesn't seem interested in snacking on any foil Jace the Mind Sculptors. 


Q: Are there any places you'd like to travel back to or for the first time?

A: I have done a fair amount of travelling; places I'd like to go back to are Hawaii (it really is beautiful and I love love love sunshine), and England (where most of my family is and full of history). I have not seen much of mainland Europe yet so would like to see more of that someday and part of me is curious to see Japan someday. 


Q: Do you play any other types of games?

A:  My parents love card games, so we often play Rummy, Wrist, Canasta with them. We play some board games although I find the majority of them just feel slow compared to Magic or video games. That's my other vice... I love RPGs and do most of the researching and video game buying in this household! 


Q: I understand you're an artist, will you share your work with us?

A:  Another hobby is my art. If I did not have to worry about making a living, I would be an artist. I draw, paint, and sculpt. 

Mulldrifter painting:



Mulldrifter sculpture (hangs on the wall)




Spiketail sculpt!




Life total guardians:








Card alters...


And many more non mtg ;)

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It's quite easy to share a huge collection, quite honestly. We don't seem to fight, too often, over the same cards. 

That said, Aurian forgot to mention her all-time favourite card!

Villainous Wealth

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14 hours ago, Lasraik said:

I love the Life Total Guardians!  If you ever make some for sale let me know

I actually had some for sale in a Magic store but people liked looking at them, but not buying them :(  If you are interested, I can send you pics of what I had available for sale. I will also accept the equivalent in cards for trade too ;) 

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6 hours ago, JesGolbez said:

It's quite easy to share a huge collection, quite honestly. We don't seem to fight, too often, over the same cards. 

That said, Aurian forgot to mention her all-time favourite card!

Villainous Wealth

Grrrrrrrr. And you wonder why I run counterspells. Its so I can say "NO" to you, Mr. Grabby! 

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1 hour ago, Abaddon said:

How do you manage 50 decks?  I only have a few and I keep tearing them apart

1) I keep them varied. I have different themes, colours, power levels, etc. for each deck. I try to make them feel different from each other. My U/W Sphinx deck, U/W Blinky Deck, U/W Spirits Deck, U/W Pride of the Clouds deck may all share the same colour combo but they all play differently (control, aggro, midrange...). 

On a similar note, I have several combo decks, many aggro decks, many more control, mid range, alternate win-cons, etc. 


2) I tinker with the decks as new sets/cards come out so they are constantly evolving and getting a refresh. If I find a new deck I like more is infringing on an old deck, I may rip apart the old deck or find a way to make it different. 


3) Its fun to find ways to use the cards we crack or trade for them.


4) Jes_Golbez has more :P  but I tinker with mine more so they're more evil. 

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