Greetings everyone !

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Hello everyone !

I am a new member to this community and I am excited to be here. Found this forum on Mtg Amino after reading a post about this place. I started playing on Ice Age, but kept stopping frequently to do other things even if the love for the game never really left ! Now I am back for good. I recently moved to Sweden so if there are any members out there from Sweden it would be nice to communicate since I need a few tips on what places to go regarding magic. I am hoping we can have a great time as a community and wish you all the best going forward!

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9 hours ago, Koakka said:

Hey everyone !

Been away for a long time ! Due to health reasons I was unable to continue on my magic the gathering shenanigans.

I wanted to say Hello to all the new members I missed, and a hearthwarming greet to all who were here and welcomed me back then.

Have a nice day !

Nice to see you, and hope all is well

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