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National Signing Day

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Today is National Signing Day.  Big day for college football.  Its where kids sign their letter of intent announcing where they will play college football.

There are a ton of rankings and all kinds of other things that go into this.  This is a really big deal.

Found this article.  It profiles the 2007 class.

FOLLOWING THE SIGNS Everyone is a star on National Signing Day. A look back at 2007's top recruits shows anything can happen from there.


A decade ago, they were the best of the best, by all accounts, on the precipice of greatness. They’d been graded, assigned stars and sent off to college with the highest of expectations. So 10 years later, what became of the elite group of high school football players who were tabbed as the nation’s top 100 prospects?

Football offers no guarantees, even to the most promising high school seniors of 2007, as designated by the recruiting site Rivals. This Wednesday is National Signing Day, the first day recruits can commit formally to a college program. On that day every year, they’re all promising athletic stars, but a decade later, their paths have splintered in all directions. They’re celebrities, coaches, cops and convicts. They sell cars and houses, and many have had to reinvent themselves several times over.

Of the top 100 in 2007, 39 were eventually drafted into the NFL. Twenty are still in the league. Seven made the Pro Bowl. Four are dead.

Twenty-six transferred to other schools. And at least one-third obtained degrees from the school they committed to on signing day 10 years ago.

Some names are familiar, including No. 66 Aaron Hernandez (prison for murder), No. 2 Joe McKnight (killed last month in apparent road-rage incident), No. 28 Cam Newton (NFL MVP), No. 54 Dez Bryant, No. 3 Eric Berry and No. 59 Joe Haden (all Pro Bowl honorees).

Many lived briefly on the NFL fringe — practice squads, training camp rosters, midseason tryouts — but others are obscure, such as No. 46 Austin Box, who died of an overdose before his senior season and was found with five different painkillers in his system, and No. 86 Mike McNeil, who spent the past three years in prison for his role in a home invasion.

Many still feel the remnants of their football careers. No. 23 Ryan Miller suffers from post-concussion syndrome and battles sleeplessness and migraines he said feel like a war zone in his head. A handful are involved in concussion-related litigation. And then there’s No. 62 Michael Keck, who died from cardiac arrest at age 25. Researchers later were alarmed by the chronic traumatic encephalopathy they found in his brain — levels they’d never seen in someone so young.

They were all connected by football and teenaged promise. Ten years later, their paths, lives and dreams have diverged in a variety of different ways — good, bad and everything in between.

You can read the rest of the article.  It goes through each of the top 100 players, some got some pretty lengthy writeups.  Pretty incredible what can happen.

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I always disliked signing day.  These are 18 year old kids and the spectacle they make out of it is troubling.  

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