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FridayMTG Showcase Episode 1: Multiple Celebrations and Community Spotlight

By Mark_LifeBeginsAt20, 04/07/2017
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My way to help grow the community with #FridayMTG - This week's spotlight looks at multiple celebrations and a great community to be a part of. Bet you'll never guess where that could be ;)


I'm hoping that I can do these every week or two to highlight great videos and content that other small creators do for my involvement for #fridaymtg

it seems to be going down well. Let's just hope it helps!

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1 hour ago, MTGZuby said:

Really enjoyed this!

I'm really glad! I didn't quite know what to expect from this from the planning, but I think it worked out and definitely something I can easily replicate - just need to figure out a way to get an autocue as remembering scripts is hard (so many outtakes!)

1 hour ago, Lasraik said:

Great to see @TOTALmtg and @Breakfast with Nerds getting a shout!   I'm blown away, thanks for the kind words and can't tell you how much I appreciate it!  This is 100x better than getting a mention on DailyMTG (seriously)

You thoroughly deserve it - this place is somewhere I check multiple times a day ever since you first invited me 6 months ago. It's a new home and without that I certainly don't think I'd have been making content still. The community is the best part of being a content creator - don't let people tell you its only making the videos :P 

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