Penny Bots vs New Perspectives (Game 2) | Penny Dreadful - Magic Online

By Affinity for MTG, 11/07/2018

The 2nd match with Penny Bots and we're up against a janky combo deck. Check it out!

My opponent's deck is called New Perspectives, which is the name of a card that lets you cycle cards with Cycling for 0 mana. It's basically looking to cycle through its entire deck until it can get to Resounding Thunder, which does 6 damage when it's cycled. Since most of the deck has cycling, once you can get New Perspectives down you can basically churn through your entire deck and wipe out your opponent's life total in a single turn.

Opponent's decklist:

Decklist on MTGGoldfish:


Penny Bots is a Penny Dreadful looking to take advantage of the fact that Tempered Steel is legal in Season 10. Play loads of cheap, efficient artifacts and make make them much, much larger to overwhelm the opponent before they can set up!


Penny Bots playlist:



Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner


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