Frenzied Affinity vs Esper Spirits (Game 1)

By Affinity for MTG, 02/04/2019

First match with Frenzied Affinity and we're up against a Spirits deck that's dropping the color green (along with Noble Hierarch and Collected Company) for black, making it far more interactive and removal-focused. This would normally be a TERRIBLE matchup for Affinity, so let's see if Experimental Frenzy gives us a way out of this.


For the longest time Affinity was one of the fastest decks in modern, capable of winning the game in the first few turns. However, the deck has always been incredibly vulnerable to sideboard hate and board sweepers. Now, we finally have a solution - Experimental Frenzy! That's right, a 4-mana do-nothing enchantment might be the card that saves traditional Affinity from languishing in the lower tiers of competitive play that it has found itself in. Let's give this deck a try and see how it feels!


Frenzied Affinity Playlist:



Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner


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