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  2. FIFA 19 Account eFootball PES 2020 takes the exclusive license of the Juventus of Turin current champion of the Italian Serie A. This was announced today first with Konami's press release explaining that they had an exclusive long-term agreement with the transalpine team and then with a note from EA Sports indicating that the agreement they had with the Bianconeros was over and that the team will be called Piemonte Calcio instead of Juventus. The stadium will also be exclusive to Konami a title that we could already test a few days ago and that promises realism and football in its purest form. Both the stadium the uniform and the name will become exclusive of the PES 2020 so in the video game developed by EA Sports Juve will have the name of Piemonte Calcio. As they explain from the American company the Juve in FIFA 20 will be available buy FIFA 19 Account with this new name with a personalized kit and present in the modes of the title. They also qualify that he will use both real players and chemistry and everything related to them in Ultimate Team. In the press release they rush to remind that FIFA 20 will have a large collection of clubs and leagues. However it is not the only team that has exclusivity with Konami and PES Boca Juniors signed from the last delivery of the game a contract like that of Juventus for which in FIFA 19 the Argentine squad is with the name of Buenos Aires. The agreement of Konami with Juventus FC does not seem to be the same as it has with other teams like Manchester United or Barça since at least for the moment in EA no one has indicated that these sets will be exclusive in PES 2020 as it happens with the Italian champion. Remember that Konami speaks of "exclusive long-term" agreement so it does not seem that it will be something that will be changed in future editions at least for the moment. For more tips and tricks follow on its networks!If you have need on remember the amvip coupon code 5% discount
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  4. While we were busy with reintroducing the format and taking vacations, a huge announcement hit! After years of outcry from players, Wizards of the Coast has unified the paper and Magic Online card pools! We're going through some of the cards likely to make a splash! On another note, the show will be going on an indefinite hiatus after next week's episode, there's more detail in the audio, but the long and short is we felt it was time to let the show come to somewhat natural end for the time being. we may return in the future but for now, we've said our piece. Thank you all so very much for your support over the years, and if you have any requests for the final episode next week, please let us know! View the full article
  5. I am going to wait on the monitor. I am so tech inept I did not even realize my 780 did not have an hdmi 2. So I have actually been at a 30 refresh. I always wondered why any FPS stuttered so bad even when I lowered settings. My refresh will be double! haha What a tard.
  6. Looking great Marty!
  7. For those who like such things...
  8. Completed the original post.
  9. I run a 3440 x 1440 on a old GTX 1080. A 2070 is faster. Mine is a 34" too and i love it. but it's 60Hz, so yours should be very nice. Hmm, not sure what the extra Hz will demand of your GPU though. I've never installed a game that won't run at my resolution. On the odd occasion, the res isn't in the standard list, but on those rare occasions, there is a tweak in a .ini to get it to work. I don't tend to play ancient games, so that's where Elovia's (or "old father time's") point might come from. Jet-Set Willy never ran at 1080p.
  10. Some ESO every few weeks, and LOTRO every few months haha. I just play with the kid. The chores and dailies make me not want to even log on. SO as long as I can just casual it, I am ok.
  11. This card dropped 80 to 500. Can anyone find a better one for under 600? My GTX 780 died. So getting a new card today. And figued a monitor to go with since I just use a 42" tv atm.
  12. 2560 x 1080? Pass. Welcome to 15+ years ago video technology. 1080p is too short to accomplish any real work. The ad contradicts itself. It lists 1920x1080 in some places, and 2560x1080 in others. Verify the PCN through another source to make sure you're getting what you think you're ordering. 21:9 aspect ratio? Pass. Many games still do not support this aspect ratio. The 32" next to it for less than $300 with 2560x1440 x 144Hz seems like a better deal. YMMV
  13. Hey there! The current decklist is linked in the original post, also here. I guess I should have said that in the original post :/
  14. Last week
  15. Hello there! What does your deck look like now?
  16. Looks good to me. Hell, I might even pick one up myself
  17. Which MMO's are you playing?
  18. LOTRO isn't losing its license, so it will be interesting to see how this one unfolds. I still enjoy MMO's when I have the time, but I am not especially excited about this. The TV show looks a lot more interesting.
  19. This monitor at 380 seems like a great price. What do you guys think?
  20. I'm working on a Nekusar commander deck, and I need some advice. I've found that, when playing against my Mayael commander deck, the deck has a hard time surviving long enough to whittle down opponents. Does anyone have any advice for cards to add/remove to either enable it to survive longer or win faster (keeping away from terribly expensive cards, like Cyclonic Rift)? I've never made a deck that revolves around a function like this(I usually build creature-oriented decks), so I need any advice you may have. This is also my first time posting on this forum, so any tips/guidelines for how I should be posting would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  21. Hey Dom, awesome project. I've used your deviders for a while now and finally realized that my printer can also print on cardboard. So, i decided to redo all of them. I only have one problem. Could you make the inclusion of promos and tokens optional or even do a checkbox feature for to chose sets you'd want to print? that would save so much time, ink and paper. Other than that, great job!
  22. He likes to keep us in suspense
  23. Oooohhhh... a cliffhanger.
  24. Buy your own: Subscribe to Affinity for MTG:
  25. I'm building this post over time, as i'm too tired to finish it now, but want to get something down. I bought and built the new music setup around 18 month ago and documented it here: I must have been tired. I'd forgotten i'd even started it! The original intention was to move the hifi into the study, but it won't fit - the room is far bigger in my imagination than in reality. So the hifi is still in the lounge next to the TV. Although the hifi sounds really nice, i only use it only once every month or two. But the speakers are 1st class, which all seem like a bit of a waste of kit. We do watch TV every night nearly, and enjoy the 7 year old Yamaha amp and 5.1 speaker system every night. But i'm sat there listening to the AV with these KEF eggs. Which are nice-n-shit, but they're eggs. ...and all the time i'm staring at these beauty's doing nothing. Monitor Audio Gold GX300. So, i'm sitting there looking at a post in AVForums, and this chaps has a setup using his hifi speakers as 5.1 front speakers. I had a huge "doh" moment. Not only can I use these speakers, but they're far superior AND i can then reuse the spare eggs to give myself 7.1. With very little outlay. However, initial excitement over, it turns out you can't just plug both the AV amp and the hifi amp into the same set of speakers -even though the speakers have 2 connections each, without blowing either amp or speakers, or both. So my choices were to buy an amp switch, like this... Or run front speakers by running from pre-outs on the AV amp, into the hifi amp and then to the big speakers. Unfortunately, my AV amp, which, although brilliant was budget brilliant, and doesn't have pre-outs. As we've managed to save a bit since Christmas, i treated the family to a new AV amp. A slightly uprated class of amplifier than the Yamaha. A Denon AVR X-3500H I've spent the last week just getting it plugged in, understanding how it all works, and trying to get the best from the various sources. My next step is to move it all, and join it all together. My TV is in its own cabinet in the corner of the lounge, with the PS4, a set-top-box, and AV amp. I need to move it into the bay window space, which is more central to the room, and bring it together with the hifi amp and network streamer. Then place the speakers in their new positions. I'm not convinced the hifi will fit in the AV cabinet. I'll post some photos when it's finished.
  26. While I prefer to acquire my games from GoG because of their FCK-DRM ideology, I do not use their client to download or launch games from there; I prefer the age-old method of manually downloading files and patches - mostly as an internet usage control method (with well over 360 game titles in my GoG library alone, I and not the game platform launcher get to decide when it is permissible to tie up my limited internet resource. I do not have extensive "friends lists", and do not need functionality of compiling friends lists into a single game platform launcher. I think it is great that a company is making the effort of doing this to help de-fragment gaming communities and address one of gamer's knee-jerk reasons for staying tied to Steam (and the privacy rights abuse that platform delivers) - that of ... I have all my games on there and that's where my gaming friends are found. I hope they succeed ... but I probably still won't use this service.
  27. casual

    Way back when I made a casual angel deck because I had a lot of excess angels. It was Bant, but I'm sure you could just do GW. It was pretty aggressive for just a pile of bulk angels. Just get early ramp and drop bombs. I know some prime pieces of my deck were Illusory Angels, and Angelic Skirmishers. Stoic Angel was also in there and combo'd with the Skirmisher giving all your creatures Vigilance.
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